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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Melissa Howard |

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE !!!

We've been busy behind the scenes building a new website and it's finally here. We're really excited to share this with you and tell you about some of our new features and the improvements we've made! Our new site will let you build loyalty dollars and link them with your in-store loyalty account! It will also be easier to use and navigate to find the stuff that you love. It does mean a few changes as well, so keep reading to find out more information!

New features
Our new site lets you use our in-store loyalty system online and in-store! You'll be able to use your balance towards your puchase or build them up so that you can get that new device you've been dreaming of! You'll be able to log in and check your loyalty balance at any time as well!
The new site will also allow you to order online and pick up from your nearest store. Something we've been aiming to provide for a long time now.
Shopping on our new site will also be easier, with a new and improved search function, new gift card system that let's you send a gift card directly to yourself or a loved one in a matter of seconds and add that to your loyalty balance, and it'll be easier for us to notify you of our sales, new products, and information about our stores, shipping times and all the other important HBV news and info.
AND last but not least, to launch the new site we've set up a store wide discount of 20% (excludes coils) plus a few amazing deals on NEW PRODUCTS, and some of our favourites!

Now for the bad news.... (though it's not even that bad)
You will have to reset your password to access the new site. We've transfered all our customer data to the new site, including any exisitng loyalty balances (which you'll now be able to use online). Our current site (and our new site) doesn't store your passwords or card information, so you'll have to reset the password the first time you log into our new website. It's really easy to do though and if you have any trouble you can contact us via email or phone on our 'Contact Us' page or by calling us on 027 286 6901.

We really hope that you'll love our new site as much as we do and that you'll find a more streamlined and easy to use website. Though if you do have any troubles with our new website you'll be able to contact us and we'll get it sorted out for you ASAP.