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New Australian Regulations

New Australian Regulations

Melissa Howard |

Australia has changed their vaping regulations, and now you need a prescription to import nicotine. 

So what does that mean... 

Yes, you can still order online from Hawke's Bay Vapour! ✅

Yes, we will still ship your order as long as you email us your prescription ✅

However, so that your package doesn't get stopped in customs and either returned or destroyed we need your prescription. Please email your prescription to We'll include a copy of your prescription in your package so that if customs stops the package they can see that you've got a prescription and it's ok to send on to you.

We'll send you your tracking number so that if there are any issues you can contact your local courier depot to enquire about it. 

If we don't have your prescription, we are not responsible for your package reaching you. If we don't have your prescription we will do our best to contact you to get your prescription, however if we don't receive it we will cancel your order. As shipping with out it will mean you won't get it. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to email us at