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Traveling with a vape

Traveling with a vape

HBV Team |

Traveling overseas can often be a big hassle with lots of things to worry about. Traveling with your vape and e-liquid won’t be a worry if you can remember a few simple things.

Firstly, like any other liquid, carry on e-liquids need to be in containers less than 100ml and shown to customs as you pass through security. We recommend that you put most of your e-liquids in your checked luggage and only take what you need for your travel days in your carry-on.

Batteries, on the other hand, must all be in your carry-on. The safest way to store external batteries during a flight is to have them in a safe battery container, preferably one that holds them in tight and doesn’t let them rattle. It is fine to store them within a mod as well. Just make sure that if you have an internal battery or external batteries to have them safely in carry-on luggage. It is best to keep it in your bag for the duration of the flight as you cannot use or charge it on the plane. You will have to wait until you hit the ground. Make sure you turn off all devices before you board.

Not only is there a 100ml limit on any liquid but the air pressure in the plane can cause filled tanks or juice bottles to dump all the juice. For this reason, it is recommended you put your e-liquid and any tanks/pods that are filled with juice in clear ziplock bags. The clear bags let security search it faster without hassle and seals in the juice. You might get a leak, but it will be contained. The 100ml limit on liquid is related to both total quantity and potential quantity. If you have a 110ml bottle with 90mls of liquid in it, you will lose it. Keep the bottle size at 100ml or below. A lot of bottles marked as 100ml will be higher so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Always remember: Keep bottle size below 100mls, ziplock seal all bottles and tanks, keep your batteries safely sealed and store all batteries in your carry-on.